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Yuexiu Real Estate Co., Ltd. 
Project cityGuangzhou, China
Project products:Lift table、75、Dinar、90、Fox Lounge
Completion timeSeptember 2018.10
Industry screeningReal estate

Yuexiu Real Estate Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Guangzhou International Finance Center(Xita) and is a real estate development company controlled by Guangzhou Yuexiu Group Co., Ltd.

YUE SPACE -Yuexiu Real Estate's public creation space project, sitting in the most open landscape of the central axis of the CBD of Zhujiang New City, with a clear view of Huacai, and the convergence of business clusters, driving Guangzhou with a pulse, the building is carefully arranged and shows high-end taste.
-Yellow color lightens space-
Yellow represents a light, transparent, brilliant, hopeful color impression.

In the career journey, workers also pursue a balance between comfortable work and enjoyment of life.

In the limited black and white grey tone office space, it is still possible to break the serious and boring working atmosphere through various colors of soft wear.
-Meeting Room-
The operative system is completed by the meeting tables and conference aggregations, which perfectly fit the formal identity of the desks, reconsidered and reinterpreted in order to satisfy the specific needs of different situations, from the meeting zone in the manager office to the large conference room.
-Network Red Card District-
YUE SPACE's "Network Red Card Area" is a beautiful figure with a small waist visible outside the transparent glass window at Yuexiu Financial Building 35F. Throughout the region, we adopted the Oumeisi cooperation brand-Shanghai Jianyi original design product Cloud cloud sofa, low-key but high-quality fabrics, with bright colors of the Fox, sunshine, is a different kind of comfort.
FOX LOUNGE,Crafty and comfortable posture with concise and elegant appearance, environmental protection type back design brings unexpected comfortable sitting feeling.
Sit here after work and have a cup of coffee and enjoy the moment that belongs to you.
We know the key to making your work enjoyable. Not only the bar lounge, brainstorming meeting room, soundproof conversation room, and lunch break leisure area are all carefully designed to make you happy, comfortable, and inspire your work.





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