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Shenzhen TechTempleGroup
Project cityShenzhen, China
Project products:75、93
Completion timeSeptember 2016 . 12
Industry screeningMedium

Temple of science and technology (TechTempleGroup) since its inception in 2013, adhering to the "strength" to make business more mission focus to build Asia's largest, the most active international entrepreneurial ecosystem, through its temple space (TechTemple), enterprise service of science and technology (TechTemple Program), wave (TechRock) of science and technology, media information (e27), layout of the space, business services, international exchange activities, big technology summit, in both English and Chinese science and technology media and data. Through the effect of international platform, sci-tech temple focuses on building the platform of sino-foreign entrepreneurship exchange, promoting the cooperation between Chinese and foreign entrepreneurial enterprises, and plans to open overseas sci-tech temples in the United States, Japan, Israel, southeast Asia and other places. Sci-tech temple is committed to building the most international platform for entrepreneurship communication in Asia, including the whole industry chain of Chinese and English venture capital media, transnational science and technology activities, international community, mass entrepreneurship space and venture capital, and improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem combining online and offline.
Open and tall open office space with concise color, changeful geometry modelling, created a very personalized, rich form office space together. Corridor side matchs with short ark the demand design that increased the utilization rate of the space and powerful storage function to a greater extent. The warm and moist feeling at your fingertips, the comfortable feeling of intoxication in your mind, the visual sense of pleasing to the eye, as well as the combination of software and leisure, are enough to reflect its hospitality, and make the whole office space appear youthful and energetic.
Simple modelling, walk the design of the heart, with refined style and bright light embellished whole meeting space, all show fashionable aesthetic feeling, permeate with the breath of times progress, deep get fashionable and young officer favour, communicate with meeting personnel rise more relaxed and carefree and pleasant.





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