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Advantages of office modular workstation

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Staff table of the company is also called staff office card position. It can be divided into screen staff table and open staff table. Later, according to the needs of the company's office functions, the staff table extends a variety of styles to meet the needs of different companies. Office modular workstationhas a variety of styles and shapes, each with its own characteristics. Office modular workstation with different shapes has its own advantages and is suitable for different office spaces. This article will introduce the advantages of different shapes of office modular workstation.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Advantages of straight staff table

Advantages of L-type staff table

Advantages of heterosexual staff table


1. Advantages of straight staff table

(1) The straight staff table will make the office more compact and dense, and make the most of the space. In addition, the office equipment sharing can save more costs from the perspective of the company.

(2) For employees, the office space created by the straight staff table makes people's visual space wider. It can not only shorten the distance between people, promote the communication and cooperation between people, but also create a relaxed office environment for employees and improve their work efficiency.


2. Advantages of L-type staff table

(1) There are many ways to place L-style staff table. It can be placed in various shapes through arrangement and combination. Four of them can be placed in a cross shape. Two of them can be placed in a T shape by the wall. For example, one and F-shape can make the whole office space more fully used.

(2) Compared with the straight-line staff table, the L-type staff table has a larger scope of desktop, which can better meet the freedom of employees to place items at will and the needs of office. Put some green potted plants and some decorations in the spare space of the staff table, which can not only increase the beauty of the office, but also have the function of radiation protection.


3. Advantages of heterosexual staff table

(1) Heterosexual office modular workstation is not suitable for long and narrow office. It is placed in six office modular workstations of long and narrow office functions, or in combination with straight office modular workstation. Compared with straight office modular workstation, it not only takes up more space, but also is not particularly beautiful. On the contrary, Y-type office modular workstation Workstation is particularly suitable for open and large-area offices. From the arrangement of the above figure, it can be seen that Y-type office modular workstation is applied in a relatively open space, which is more economical than the same number of bits of straight office modular workstation and L-type office modular workstation.

(2) In terms of the nature of employees, what kind of people are 120 ° y office modular workstation suitable for? This type of office modular workstation is a combination of 3 bits, 6 bits and 9 bits, showing a semicircle shape, which can make the communication between employees closer, so it is especially suitable for the team that needs open communication, especially for the enterprise that develops along with the Internet, which generally requires high openness. And this kind of office modular workstation usually has a screen, and the adoption of the screen can make employees maintain a certain degree of privacy.


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