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Classification of the office table

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I am sure you have all used an office table.There are many kinds of office table, different types of office table have different use occasions and functions , this article gives you an introduction to the classification and use of the office table.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

Classification of the office table

Several main office tables and their uses

Class table

Screen workstation

Conference table

Training table

Negotiation table


1. Classification of the office table

The classification method of office table has a lot of kinds, which can be divided by material qualitative, use circumstance cent, also can be divided by use type.And there are two broad categories of office table: 1. Broadly speaking, all table used for work are called office table, including: supervisor table ,executive table,manager table,president table,conference table,and meeting desk.2. In a narrow sense, the office table refers to the table used by people when they work at their staff table.

From the material composition, mainly divided into: steel staff table, wooden staff table, metal staff table, steel and wood staff table.

From the type of use, mainly divided into: office table, supervisor table, staff table, conference table, big workstation.

From the use of the occasion, mainly divided into: the main office table, open type staff table, conference table, reading table, book reference table, training table, teaching table and research office table.

Screen office table: the screen office table that divides into different area through screen between office, it is a few commonly join together.


2. Several main office tables and their uses:

(1) Class table

Class table is to use real wood material to pledge commonly or real wood sticks leather material to pledge, few class table uses plank type material to pledge.Class table is bigger commonly, more massiness, have air, go line function concealment, use marble foot and partial coriaceous desktop as ornament commonly, have sweet and comfortable characteristic.The class table is suitable for the senior administrative level of government, the boss of enterprises and public institutions, the senior supervisor, the manager's office and other management areas.


(2) Screen workstation

The material of screen workstation basically is aluminium alloy, glass, cloth, glue board.The more common screen workstation design on the market is 268, 30, 32, 60, these numbers represent the thickness of the screen.Screen workstation is mainly used in the relatively concentrated place of employees, which not only saves space, insulates noise, but also provides privacy for each employee.


(3) Conference table

The main materials of the conference table are solid wood and board type. The conference table is used in the conference room. The size of the conference table is also relatively large, which can be arranged in the shape of U, T and E to facilitate the communication between the conference staff.


(4) Training table

The main material of training table is plank, there are two kinds of training table with wheel and without wheel, training desk is slender modelling commonly, such design basically is to facilitate the training of all sorts of office place and meeting to use, the main consumer group of training desk is school, enterprise, hospital, hotel groom.


(5) Negotiation table

The negotiation table is mainly made of plate, glass and metal.The design of negotiation table and modelling kind are more, but very recreational, negotiation table basically is to be used at the exchange between employee, negotiate between employee and outside personnel, because the color of negotiation table is more sweet, let a person put down psychological line, with sincerity go to exchange.


When buying an office table, a few tiny and intimate of office table are more important also.An ergonomic office table, desktop storage function and line function is very powerful, let our desktop is not messy.In addition, many office table now have lifting function, such an office table price will be more expensive, but we can adjust the height at will, to ensure that our body is not tired during the day.If you need to buy a office table, you can contact us.





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