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Classification of the training table

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With the rapid development of social economy, training table has been used more and more in conference room, training room, library, laboratory and other places. Because of its convenient storage and small occupation space, folding training table is widely used in daily life. The advantage of table over ordinary chair is that it is equipped with removable writing board, which is convenient for people to take notes when they study. Let's take a look at classification of the training table.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

What is training table?

Training table size

Classification of training table


1. What is training table?

Training table refers to the table used for training. According to the materials, there are generally two types: solid wood training table and plate training table, which are mainly used for meeting room, reading room, library, training room staff training, etc. in various places.


2. Training table size

Common dimensions of training table: 1.2m long and 0.4m wide; 1.5m long and 0.4m wide; 1.2m long and 0.6m wide. The thickness of the single seat folding training table is 25mm, the length of the table is 60cm, the width is 30cm, and the height of the folding training table is 70cm.


3. Classification of training table

(1) Solid wood training table: the surface is made of natural wood skin or (wood grain paper) with clear texture. After professional treatment, all performance indexes shall meet the national standards. The middle core material is made of 25mm thick domestic high-quality and high-density medium fiber board. It is also treated with insect proof, moisture-proof and other technologies, with high strength, no deformation and reasonable proportion. The paint adopts imported polyester paint with fine texture.


(2)  Plate training table: the fire-proof plate is made of metal plate (aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, color steel plate, titanium zinc plate, titanium plate, copper plate, etc.), heat preservation and insulation, light weight and high strength (proportion 0.5), fire resistance and high temperature resistance, wear resistance, strong bearing capacity, green and environmental protection, ALC plate has no radioactivity, and no harmful substances overflow.  After chemical treatment such as insect prevention and antisepsis, all technical indexes are up to international standards. The conventional colors of the plate training table are grayish white; in addition, beige, walnut, beech, yellow beech and white oak; various colors are available for selection.


(3) Folding Training Table

The space occupied by the folding training table is small. The folding training table is a foldable table. If the space in the conference room is limited, the combination mode can be adjusted according to the space requirements to facilitate the use of different conference functions. The folding training table is very practical, and it can also adjust the layout, U-shape, font and so on at will, so as to facilitate the adjustment of the layout at any time when organizing meetings and training according to the needs of the meeting. The folding training table can adjust the angle freely. If it is used as a computer table or a desk, it will be more obvious for a long time. Folding training table can adjust the tilt angle of the desktop properly according to your own needs, so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable when surfing the Internet, reading, writing and painting, which will also bring benefits to your health, avoid the hump or near vision of teenagers in the critical period of development, and avoid the occurrence of symptoms such as adult cervical spondylosis. The folding training table is affordable. The folding training table is generally made of plate material, which is more economical and affordable. The price of the folding training table is generally not very expensive, which brings convenient and fast colleagues to our work and saves our expenses.

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