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Fabrication and installation of the office desk frame

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Office desk frame is an important part of the desk.  The stability of office desk frame will directly affect the service life of the desk. This article mainly introduces fabrication and installation of the office desk frame.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Office desk frame fabrication steps

Office desk frame installation steps

Notes for office desk frame installation


1. Office desk frame fabrication steps

(1) Prepare office desk frame tools and materials: boards, lines, nail-free glue, hammers, nail guns, drills

(2) Cut the wood material size of the desk with a chainsaw for splicing, using nail-free glue and nail gun for fixing.

(3) Next affix edge line, screw up undertake reinforcing, use electric drill to drill a circuit hole again.

(4) Then in the corner of the wall to be installed on three wooden bar, pay attention to the horizontal length.

(5) Then put nail free glue on the back of the desk to better reinforce the office desk frame.

(6) Place the desk flat on top of three wooden slats and drill through the interior of the table with the wall.

(7) Finally, you can use a nail gun to reinforce it.  Finally, you can make a good desk panel.  The same method is used to cover the office desk frame.


2. Office desk frame installation steps

(1) Prepare the office desk frame materials: wood boards, wood screws, wood slats, nails, 5cm long M6 bolts.

(2) Prepare office desk frame tools: tape measure, hammer, saw, hand drill, monkey wrench, cross screwdriver.

(3) First cut out 4 table legs, 4 table top support rods, 4 short fixed rods, 2 long fixed rods (two more table leg thickness than the short one).

(4) Drilling: drill the four legs at their intersections according to the desired height of the table.  The positions of the four holes should be the same. Drill the connection between the table leg and the table top support rod. The bit size is slightly larger than the bolt.

(5) Assemble the office desk frame: first nail the inner leg with a short fixing rod, then the outer leg, then bolt it.

(6) When you bolt on the desk, you will find that the head of the bolt protrudes from the table leg and the support bar, so you cannot merge the table leg.  You need to use a big drill to drill the sinking hole and let the head of the bolt sink down, so as to ensure the stability of the office desk frame.

(7) When you have your office desk frame installed, you will see a flat support bar protruding from the top of the leg, so you need to cut off the extra parts, otherwise the desk won't fit on your office desk frame.

(8) Finally, attach the desktop to the office desk frame with a wooden screw.


3. Notes for office desk frame installation

(1) The most important thing to avoid when installing office desk frame is to use brute force.  If you are not careful, you will crack the desk locally, which will affect the overall structure of office desk frame and the service life of the desk.

(2) office desk frame taboo happens bump, especially some of the more expensive wood office desk frame once the bump is very painful, and the paint will be knocked out will affect the appearance

(3) After the installation of office desk frame will inevitably have dust, but when cleaning dust do not use wet cloth as far as possible, avoid desk water damp, can be gauze wrapped on the residue of tea to wipe, so you can make the surface of the desk bright and clean bright

(4) Of course, be aware of personal security issues when installing office desk frame.  Don't prank your hands or anything like that, so be careful.

 I hope this article has helped you understand office desk frame, Training Table, Sofa and Side Table and if you need office desk frame, please contact us. 





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