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How to fixed the office desk frame

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The office desk frame to a certain extent determines the quality of desk,so the office desk frame should be really well fixed. This article will introduce how to fixed the office desk frame.

This article contains the following:

Office desk frame fixing method 1

Office desk frame fixing method 2

Office desk frame fixing method 3

Office desk frame fixing method 4


1. Office desk frame fixing method 1:

(1) First: prepare two thin lines longer than the diagonal of the rectangle.

(2) Second: take two thin wires and press them on the top of each of the four legs of the office desk frame as a diagonal line (cross, tense).

(3) Third: if two thin lines do not intersect and four legs are not coplanar, the office desk frame is unstable.If two thin lines are intersecting, relax one thin line, then pass under the other thin line, And then tighten the relaxed thin line. If the two thin lines are still intersecting, And also the four legs of the table are coplanar, then the office desk frame is stable.

Principle: two intersecting lines determine a plane.


2. Office desk frame fixing method 2:

(1) Beams are made of i-steel

(2) The two long sides of the triangle are galvanized steel tubes

(3) The short side of the triangle is made of i-steel. The original design length of one meter is not enough to form a stable structure

(4) All office desk frames should adopt national standard products to increase security and stability

(5) Such office desk frame can be placed on the horizontal hardened ground. If it is to be fixed, it can be fixed by digging a shadow foundation pit, pouring concrete and reserving anchorage.


3. Office desk frame fixing method 3:

(1) One table top and two table tops supported longitudinally under the table along the two sides of the table respectively;A pair of office desk frames that fold and mount separately on top of the desktop, a leg frame with a top portion that rotates between the two desktop supports;An office desk frame, which consists of two support arms, each of which consists of a holding portion at the lower end and a support portion at the upper end of the corresponding desktop support for lateral rotation;Office desk and a folding frame, the folding office desk frame has two side, the two side rotating respectively connected to the bracket and keep part of the office desk, frame legs in folding state, legs of rotating and folding inward staying below the desktop, And in the open, office desk frame legs of folding outward from a sustained strong rigidity and vertical standing in the shadow of the desktop.


4. Office desk frame fixing method 4

(1) To connect two parts of the office desk frame desktop: the part of the face is fixed, and the part of the outside can be folded;

(2) The joint should have a greater bearing, can support a primary school students on the weight of a primary school student.Like struts and hinges.Someone might recommend the butterfly hinge, but I don't know if there is a problem with the force.


Hope this article can help you understand How to fixed the office desk frame, and if you need office desk frame, Office Desk Leg, Office Desk Accessories please contact us.





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