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Installation steps for office table

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Office table can be seen everywhere in our life but many people do not know how to install office table.This article will introduce several installation steps for office table.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Installation steps of panel office table

Installation steps of screen office table

Installation steps of cross staff table


1. Installation steps of panel office table 

(1) Some panel office tables are often assembled by different parts, so different structures of the panel office table will exist in different order, but the basic structure of panel office table assembly is not changed.So the first step is to look at the detail drawing.Figure out what kind of design this is, how to install it, do have a certain design in mind so it's easier to install.

(2) Tabletop edge sealing.The first step of desktop plate type edge sealing is according to the length of the table panel around, and to ensure the length of the size.And then to apply glue separately to fix them.With no head or flat head round nail in the desktop board around the requirements of each adhesive interface and the bevel joint should be close seam.

(3) Covering line and processing molding edge.Its overlay line is the desktop board below the four border of the two ends of the slat which is also sawed into 45° bevel, and ensure the length of the size, and then glue nail desktop board is below the four sides. And processing molding edge will be in the milling machine milling to meet the requirements of the pattern.

(4)Rest and single piece assembly.Dressing is to use wood and sandpaper to polish the whole surface of panel office table, so that it can meet the requirements of surface quality and look more beautiful.However, a single piece is the two foot material and a lookout parts into a single piece, make panel office table more stable and beautiful.

(5) To install the foot frame, the foot frame needs to be assembled with two single pieces and other two watchplates. After the complete foot frame is assembled, the race Angle is installed.Finally returning desktop board bottom is putting on workbench face up, with screw frame and desktop board join up, such a complete panel office table is assembled successfully.


2. Installation steps of screen office table

1)When installing above all, we should want to compare drawing, place corresponding casters in proper position now, aim screen to put on after.After screen above join piece pats in, such can fasten screen.

2) Cover the screen as a whole.

3) When carrying out installation to supporting arm, it still should want to have understanding to screen office table dimension, mastered specific dimension, which ensures corresponding effect.


3. Installation steps of cross staff table

(1) Determine the location of cross staff table.Determine the location of the installation and then measure how many cross staff tables can be installed.

(2) Determine the effect drawing of cross staff table.Place the cruciform column in its approximate position, and then align the holder.And then take the top connector of the booth in, fasten the screen, and then put the edge cover on the booth, and then take the edge of the cross staff table in.And then connect another of the two screens with the plum blossom column and cover the top of the plum blossom column.

(3) Assembly the cross staff table.Pat the top connector of the screen in, fasten the screen (adjust the height of another caster or connecting column of each screen), then cover the edge of the screen.The sealing edge of cross staff table of screen is patted next go in, put the top cover of card holder on, and for its card seat, it needs to pat gently with the hand only next,which can make its close seam cover, the combination of a lot of card seat can use same method to install.Next, hang the arm in the central slot of the booth and place all the arms in place to prepare the table for installation.

(4) Install table panel and keyboard bracket of cross staff table.Steel foot can be used to support the cross staff table, screw on the screw accessories on the opposite side of the panel, there is a good reserved installation keyboard bracket hole, the keyboard bracket alignment hole, tighten with screws, keyboard bracket installation is completed.And then put the cross staff table panel on the bracket arm of the booth, then tighten the screws, and then fix it, and then push the mobile cabinet and the main frame to complete the whole process.

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