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Maintenance of the office chair

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Office chair can be seen everywhere in our life, In the usual use, attention to maintenance can extend the service life of office chair, this article will introduce the maintenance of the office chair.

This article contains the following:

1.Daily maintenance of office chair

2.Notes for use of Notes for using office chairs

3.Precautions of cleaning office chair

1. Daily maintenance of office chair

(1) Office chair should be gently lifted and handled, especially be more careful to avoid collision

(2) After sitting office chair for a long time, you should often beat the part and edge of the seat where you are sitting for a long time to make office chair return to its original state ,To reduce the sag phenomenon caused by sitting concentration.

(3) Office chair leather should be placed away from heat dissipation and direct sunlight . It is strictly prohibited to expose to bright light.

(4) Do not rub vigorously when cleaning office chair to avoid damage to the surface of office chair. For the leather sofa or office chair that has been used for a long time or is carelessly stained, you can use a cloth to dip in proper concentration of soap water (or washing powder, water content 40%~50%) to scrub. Scrub with clean water and dry with a clean cloth.Do not clean office chair with strong detergents (such as detergent, chemical solvent turpentine, gasoline or other improper liquids).


2. Notes for using office chairs

(1) When using office chair, the center of gravity should be in the middle of the pressure bar as far as possible, To ensure the lifting and rotation of the pressure bar is light and flexible. After using for a long time. the office chair should always check whether the screw on the mechanism is loose. If it is loose, it should be tightened timely. Whether the spring and knob are loose, the spring should be adjust according to the body weight of the user oneself, make the chair back position freely, lean on the most comfortable.

(2) It is strictly prohibited to sit on the armrest of office chair or place heavy objects.

(3) Office chair should be maintained regularly according to the instructions to extend its service life.

(4) Do not leave office chair in the sun for too long, this will cause some plastics to age and produce hydrogen embrittlement.


3. Precautions of cleaning office chair

1) One: first of all, of course, it is necessary to understand the materials of office chair. However, the feet of office chair are mainly made of solid wood and iron, and the stool is made of leather or cloth. When cleaning, the cleaning methods of office chair made of Different material of the office chair cheaning methods are different

2) Two: if it is the office chair of leather art, it is best to try it on the inconspicuous office chair position to see whether the color fades when cleaning leather art.Dilute with water if discoloration occurs;if especially dirty should be use lukewarm water, let its nature dry.

3) Three: office chair foot of solid wood can use dry cloth to wipe directly, And then hit again a few cleaner, do not use too damp cloth to wipe, go insolate next dry, if not ,it will let solid wood interior rot to speed up in that way.

4) Four: general office chair cleaning method of cloth art is spray detergent and gently wipe. If it is very dirty, it can be washed with warm water and detergent. Don't brush office chair. It's easy for the fabric to look old.

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