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Material of the office desk frame

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In life, the table is one of the indispensable furniture. Office desk frame is an important component of the desk.  So, how can we understand the suitable office desk frame in the face of all kinds of office desk frames on the market?This article will introduce you to the material of the office desk frame.

This article contains the following:

Material of the office desk frame

Metals Frame

Stone office desk frame

Solid wood office desk frame

Glued solid wood office desk frame

Aluminum table frame

How to select office desk frame


1. Material of the office desk frame

Office desk frames are made of various materials, the most common of which are solid wood, ironwork, stone table, plywood office desk frame, etc. Before you buy an office desk frame, make sure you know what you're buying it for. In addition, the material, stability, workmanship and brand of office desk frame need to be taken into consideration. Let's take a look at the materials and options for office desk frames.


2. Metals Frame

Metals Frame is mainly made of steel and wood, usually consisting of accessories and steel feet.  It is a very practical metal Frame.


3. Stone office desk frame

There are two types of stone office desk frame: all-stone desk and stone-only desk. Generally, all-stone office desk frame is suitable for parks, while stone office desk frame is suitable for families or hotels.


4. Solid wood office desk frame

There are many kinds of wood used to make solid wood office desk frame, among which there are some rare tree species. Solid wood office desk frames are generally more expensive, but the matching desk has a good texture.


5. Glued solid wood office desk frame

The office desk frame of a lot of modern computer desk is to use plywood to join together and become, advantage is appearance beautiful, the price is cheap, but durability is poorer.


6. Aluminum table frame

Aluminum table frame is mostly made of iron or alloy, with bright appearance and good durability. However, it is easy to bump and difficult to repair.


7. How to select office desk frame

There are many materials of office desk frame, generally speaking, the material quality of the plate type is second, it is easy to be exposed to moisture and crack.  When choosing office desk frame, you must pay attention to it.  Although the material of office desk frame is cheap, it is not durable and not very beautiful.

(1) The best office desk frame is made of steel.  The advantage of this type of office desk frame is that it is strong and has a thick paint surface, which is generally not afraid of scratches caused by friction.  However, office desk frame made of solid wood and wood is not good.

(2) When selecting the office desk frame, please pay attention to whether the steel binding part is flat.  You can check it by hand.  If the surface of the office desk frame is flat and smooth, it means that the production process is very careful, and the general quality of this type of office desk frame is very good.

(3) When selecting office desk frame, we should also take a look at the paint on the surface.  You can put your hands on it for a while, and then put your hands on your nose to smell it.  If there is a very important smell of alcohol or paint, it means that the paint on office desk frame is not good and there is serious pollution.

(4) The screws of office desk frame are very important, good desks are installed neatly, and the screws are strong and durable.  We can check the situation of the screws in the interface, and check whether the place of each joint is flat as the main direction, so as to identify the quality of office desk frame.

 I hope this article has helped you understand office desk frame, and if you need office desk frame, Wood Executive Table, Office Table please contact us.





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