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Purchase methods of wood executive table

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Now people pay attention to health and environmental protection, so wood executive table is loved by everyone.How do you choose from the solid wood executive table?What do we need to pay attention to?Let's take a look today.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

Design size of wood executive table

Table quality of wood executive table

Construction details of wood executive table

Accessory materials of wood executive table

Harmful substances in wood executive table

Wood appearance of the wood executive table

Wood executive table material

Paint quality of wood executive table

Load-bearing test of wood executive table


(1) Design size of wood executive table

The main dimension of wood executive table (namely functional dimension) national standard has regulation requirement.The height that wood executive table kind furniture sets for 680 mm ~ 760mm, the middle clearance height of the middle drawer of veneer executive desk bottom edge to the ground height should be greater than or equal to 580mm, the clearance height between bookcase layer should be greater than or equal to 230mm~310mm.Wood executive table can be awkward to use if it does not conform to conventional size.

(2) Table quality of wood executive table

When choose and buy veneer executive desk, what see above all is the plank that wood executive table uses makings surface, see him whether to have Nick, indentation, bubble, come unglued to wait for blemish to wait for rubber mark, can notice next, whether the design of wood executive table is natural and fluent.

(3) Construction details of wood executive table

Wood executive table, see whether the lower profile is flat, whether the Angle is accurate;Edge and surface decoration parts, to see whether the decorative parts coated evenly, whether the bond is firm, trim whether smooth;Parts side plate, door plate, drawer panel, and other visible parts of the end face at the lower mouth, whether to do edge sealing treatment;Assembling and assembling parts, to see whether the tongue-and-groove of the hole is fine and tidy, whether the connecting parts are firm after installation;The aperture of the door, drawer whether clearance is too big, general requirement sets for 1.5mm~2.0mm between, of the door and drawer open push pull whether agile and free to wait.

(4) Accessory materials of wood executive table

The quality of metal piece, also decided the stand or fall of intrinsic quality of wood furniture.Metal parts require dexterity, smooth, surface plating treatment, no rust, burr, etc., the precision of the matching parts is very high.Plastic parts to beautiful shape, bright color, the use of the strength of the parts to have strength and elasticity, not too thin.Open type connector requires flexible rotation, no friction sound.

(5)  Harmful substances in wood executive table

At present the harmful substance that exists in furniture, basically is the free formaldehyde that gives off in man-made board and adhesive, and the soluble lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury in furniture paint film, pay close attention to below whether to amount to a standard emphatically.When buying a wood executive table, be sure to look for harmful substances.

(6) Wood appearance of the wood executive table

If discover craze, scabbed, bug eye, the wood executive table with musty blemish cannot buy naturally.

(7)  Wood executive table material

Notice the odour of solid wood executive table, if odour is heavier, and can make stream of people shed tears, sneeze, explain furniture formaldehyde content is higher, should avoid to buy!

(8)  Paint quality of wood executive table

The paint of exterior of wood executive table is the most useful method that prevents moisture to invade wood executive table, should check whether office furniture has the local place that did not brush paint accordingly, check solid wood office wood executive table exterior, paint is even, cover is comprehensive, touch paint surface with the hand, lubricate, without burring, bubble to wait for a phenomenon.

(9)  Load-bearing test of wood executive table

Press each foot of wood executive table lightly, check whether the stress point of office furniture, support foot is firm, good solid wood executive table is safe and sufficient, won't have the feeling of empty vibration.

I hope this article will teach you how to buy wood executive table. If you need wood executive table, Office TableOffice Modular Workstation please contact us





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