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Steps to customize the office table

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Customized office table is still in the initial stage in China. With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people's requirements for office table gradually change from beautiful and practical to environmental protection. Therefore, customized office table has become an essential part of modern family decoration. This article takes you through the steps of customizing the office table.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Determine office table construction drawing

Determine the appropriate space of staff table

Sign office table customization contract

Design the track of office table

Install office table partition wall

Accept customized office table

Office table after sales service


(1) Determine office table construction drawing

First draw the office table construction drawing, set out the position control line of the office table partition on the indoor ground, and lead the position line of the office table partition wall to the side wall and the roof; when snapping the line, snap the installation position line of the fastener. The installation height of the track must be discussed with the installation personnel, and the circuit diagram must be reserved in advance during the construction to avoid more installation projects in the future.


(2) Determine the appropriate space of staff table

Before the installation of staff table, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the current survey and construction environment according to the space, area, shape, number of office personnel, nature and other factors of the office area. The main purpose of the survey and construction environment is to determine that the site does not have the installation conditions, record the location of the beam and column on the roof, the location of the air conditioning pipeline system, and facilitate the selection and purchase of the type of staff table. Before the staff table customization, the designer must measure the on-site size of the office and make a comprehensive analysis of the on-site environment to determine how many employees work here, so as to make better and more scientific use of the office space.


(3) Sign office table customization contract

In the absence of any other issues, both parties shall sign a contract with legal rights and interests to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties. The period of customizing office table is generally longer than that of conventional style furniture. Therefore, the manufacturer should grasp the construction period, and we should also make a plan between the delivery dates to avoid the impact of the delivery date on the use of office table and the cooperation between the two parties.


(4) Design the track of office table

According to the different installation methods of office table, accurately mark out the pulley setting line on each panel, and fix the fixed frame of pulley on the upper or lower stiles of the partition with screws; then install the panel into the track one by one, adjust each panel to be vertical to the ground, and the push-pull rotation is flexible; finally, connect and fix, and connect the adjacent panels with hinges.


(5) Install office table partition wall

Select the track fixings according to the design requirements. Before the installation of office table track, the closing method of wall, ground and ceiling shall be considered to facilitate the installation of movable partition wall. Through calculating the weight of movable partition wall, the load borne by the track and the specification and fixing method of embedded parts shall be determined. The embedded parts of the track shall be installed firmly, the track and the main structure of office table shall be fixed, and the metal parts shall be rust proof.


(6) Accept customized office table

It is suggested that the user should check and accept on the spot after the completion of construction, and check carefully to avoid the decoration problem of office table in the future.


(7) Office table after sales service

Many purchasers and manufacturers think that by the last step, the sales contract between the two parties has been fulfilled, but in fact, office table after-sales service is the most important, sometimes office table has a little problem in the use process, and the attitude of solving the problem between the two parties is also related to the next cooperation.


The above is the basic steps of customizing office table furniture. You'd better find a professional installation platform to effectively ensure the decoration quality. If you need to customize office table, you can find us. Professional office table,Office Modular Workstation, Office Storage Cabinets intimate service.





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