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Suggestions for office table

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Office table can be seen everywhere in our life, and it has many names ,such as: supervisor table ,executive table,manager table,president table, conference table ,meeting desk,staff table,workstation,so what should we pay attention to when using office table?This article will introduce several suggestions for office table.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

Maintenance suggestions for office table

Suggestions for office table placement

Suggestions for office table purchase

The environment around the office table should be clean

There should be no pressure beam or chandelier above the staff table

There should be sufficient light above the staff table


1. Maintenance suggestions for office table:

Remind you of the position of office table had better not be direct sunlight, often sun will make office table paint film fade, metal accessories easy oxidation deterioration, wood is easy to brittle.In summer, it's best to use curtains to protect the office table from the sun.Finally, it is necessary to maintain indoor humidity, do not let the office table dampness, in the spring and autumn use humidifier should limit the time, to prevent excessive humidity and damage to the office table, such as wood decay, metal corrosion, adhesive parts easy to open off.


2. Suggestions for office table placement:

(1) The environment around the office table should be clean:

Office place and occupy the home are same, must want to have a neat environment, the aura field that good environment ability lets all round is smooth, also ability has good money luck and career luck, foul spirit and evil spirit can have harm to the person somewhat.Therefore, if office table is found to be surrounded by piles of debris, garbage cans, or in and out of the line is not smooth, we should clean up the environment, you can also put some green plants in the original location of the garbage cans to transform aura, the effect is good.

(2) There should be no pressure beam or chandelier above the staff table:

Sit in the bottom of beam or droplight for a long time, also can be subjected to the gas place ten disturbance under pressure, easy be distracted, dizzy make a mistake, more meeting is harmful to health, let a person produce pressure on the job, get the blame of boss, lilim calumnical, can cervical vertebra is aching even, hinder career development.Therefore, if the staff table happens to be under the beam or chandelier, special attention should be paid to it. If the top of the head is pressed, the staff table should be moved to avoid it immediately.

(3) There should be sufficient light above the staff table:

If the light of the staff table is too weak, it will cause the gloomy phenomenon, which will make people lazy and passive for a long time, and it is easy to be pessimistic.In front of the staff table, people's eyes are in front of the wall to capture more information. If the staff table is too close to the wall, people and things around it cannot be seen due to insufficient buffer zone, which will cause uneasiness of the subconscious mind and affect the emotional stability.


3. Suggestions for office table purchase:

1) Surface quality of office table.When choosing office table, please check whether there are scratches, indentation, bubbling, degumming, peeling and rubber marks on the surface of furniture.Pay attention to the natural flow of wood patterns on the office table.

2)Office table production quality.Whether the edge profile of the office table is flat and accurate to the Angle;The decorative parts of the edges and faces of the office table shall see whether the decorative parts are coated evenly, whether the bonding is firm, and whether the trimming is smooth;Whether the side panel, door panel, drawer panel and other parts of the office table lower mouth and other visible parts of the end face sealing processing;Assembling and assembling parts of the office table should see whether the tongue-and-groove of the hole is exquisite and neat, and whether the connecting parts are firm after installation;Whether the slit of office table door and drawer is too large, the general requirement is 1.5mm~2.0mm, whether the door and drawer open and push and pull flexibly.

3) Quality of office table metal and plastic parts.The quality of metal parts also determines the internal quality of office table.Office table metal parts require dexterity, smooth, surface plating treatment, no rust, burr, etc., with high precision requirements.Office table plastic parts to beautiful shape, bright color, the use of the power part should have strength and elasticity, not too thin.Open type connector requires flexible rotation, no friction sound.

4) Main dimensions of office table.The main size (that is, the functional size) of the office table is stipulated in the national standard.If the office table is smaller than the specified size, it will bring a lot of inconvenience and affect the use.

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