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The 43rd China furniture expo (Guangzhou)

Views:10     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-12-17      Origin:Site

The 43rd China furniture expo (Guangzhou) is an industry gathering for people around the world to exchange designs, discover beauty, motivate inspiration, explore dreams and experience surprises.


As “The Premier Products、The Best Commercial Platform”, This exhibition not only has more than 90% new products from different enterprises, but also discover new species, new creation, new space and new design. All these high quality products are capturing the audience in this exhibition.


When we bring up the equipment ingredient expo, what do we want to see?

High-tech manufacturing equipment? All kinds of furniture ingredient? Or Multifunctional hardware?

On the first day of the exhibition, there was an endless stream of professional visitors from home and abroad. Exhibitors are pleased to this exhibition due to its best quality, largest scale and full kinds of product. Guangzhou KDT Machinery Ltd, who has cooperated with CIFF for many years, mentioned that they have gained a lot in terms of both the traffic and the professionalism of the audience, and the results are very ideal. They are expected to participate in CIFF exhibition in the future.


In the ornaments home textile exhibition area, you can find the presentation of new soft decoration, the creation of overall space and the collision between original furnishing and literary beauty. Discover the good life with new inspiration. Whether these high level of appearance decorations attract you or not?


How to make work full of happy?

Why do other people's employees love working overtime?

What kind of office chair design is more suitable for ergonomics?

How an office environment can be designed to double the productivity?


With the change of times and the progress of science and technology, people pay more attention to the office environment. Office furniture with strong sense of individuation and design has become the choice of the new generation of workers and the mainstream of the future office environment. Office furniture with strong sense of individuation and design has become the first choice of the new generation of workers and the mainstream in the future office environment.






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