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The size of the office table

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 Office table is one of the necessary office furniture for enterprises and institutions.Moreover, a set of good staff table can not only make employees work comfortably and improve their work enthusiasm, but also improve the grade of the whole office and the taste of the company.What are the categories of the staff table?What is the standard size of the staff table?Let's learn from this article.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The categories of the office table

Sizes of the office table

The size of a standard office table

The size of the manager table

The size of the boss office table

The size of the director office table

The size of the manager's office table

The size of the staff table


1. The categories of the office table

(1) From the material composition, it is mainly divided into: steel office table, wood office table, metal office table, steel and wood office table.

(2) From the perspective of usage types, it is mainly divided into office table, manager table, staff table, conference table and meeting desk, etc.

(3) In terms of usage, there are mainly office table, open staff table, conference room table and so on.

(4) Screen office table: office tables that separate offices into different areas through screens, usually several of which are spliced together.


2. Sizes of the office table

(1) The size of a standard office table

The main size (that is, the functional size) of the office table is stipulated in the national standard.If the office table is smaller than or smaller than the specified size, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to use.The size of the office table is mainly determined by the height of the person. The height of the office table is generally about 780 mm.General size of office table: length 1200mm-1600mm, width 500mm-650mm, height 700mm-800mm.


(2) The size of the manager table

The general length of the manager table is 2600mm-3600mm, the depth is about 1200mm-2000mm, and the height is 750mm-780mm. Additionally, the manager table is equipped with luxury leather boss chair, which makes people look majestic and domainly.


(3) The size of the boss office table

The boss's office table looks varied, but the conventional size is the same, the height is 750mm, is the height of the human body, the width is 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm several kinds of, also according to the length of the different match, the length is usually double: 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2400mm several sizes are relatively conventional.


(4) The size of the director office table

The height of the director office table is still 750mm, the width is a little smaller than the staff table, there are 1400*700, 1600*800, 1800*800, 2000*900 several common specifications.


(5) The size of the manager's office table

The manager's office table is a little smaller. The general length is 1800mm-2600mm, the depth is between 1000mm-1800mm, and the height is 750mm-780mm.For positions above the manager level, solid wood office tables are often used, which also look luxurious and are different from regular staff tables.


(6) The size of the staff table

The size of the staff table can be selected according to the office space. The height of the staff table, whether it is the staff table or the screen staff table, remains unchanged at 750mm. The regular size of the staff table is 1200*600mm and 1400*700mm.1200*1400mm, the height of the screen staff table is usually 1100mm or 1200mm.In addition, in order to avoid mutual influence, staff table, also known as partition staff table, is adopted among staff members who need to make phone calls, etc. The size of this staff table is generally 600mm-1200mm in length, 400mm-600mm in width and 750mm in height. The desktop has a screen baffle around 250mm or even higher.


In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the office table in the purchase, in addition to the quality of office table, we also need to see the size of the office table brand and after-sales service.I hope it will be helpful to you. If you need to buy office table, Wood Executive TableOffice Modular Workstation please contact us.





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