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The world's major furniture exhibitions, an artist of office life

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Furniture, as an important part of home life, has a crucial impact on the quality of life. Good furniture provides not only a good product experience, but also a feast of art.

Internationally, there are three highly recognized furniture fairs, The American High Point Market ,The Germany IMM Cologne, The Italy Salone Internationale del Mobile di Milano. These three exhibition highlights the furniture designer's pursuit of environmental space, practical art, manufacturing technology and aesthetic principles. 


The American High Point International Furniture Fair (Abbreviation: High Point Market) originated from the first American Southern Furniture Fair held in 1909. In 1989, the High Point Exhibition was renamed the International Home Improvement Expo. In April and October of each spring and autumn, it opens at the High Point, North Carolina, USA. Currently, it is the largest trade show in the global home furnishing industry.

The high-point exhibition has two major characteristics, one of which is large in scale; the other is a full range. Therefore, there is also a saying: "If you can't find something at a high point, it may not exist at all.


The Germany IMM Cologne began in 1949 and is an international furniture fair, which takes place once a year in Cologne and has firmly established itself as the leading trade fair for the furniture industry.

The IMM Cologne is considered as indispensable communication forum, important impetus driver and creative center of ideas. Therefore, not only can you enjoy the highest international level of design, but also witness the internationally recognized design concepts and trends, including some controversial, avant-garde design at the IMM Cologne.


The Salone Internazionale del Mobile(Milan Furniture Fair)was founded in 1961, is known as the "Oscar" and "Olympic" event in the world of furniture design and display. It is also a barometer of the global fashion industry trends.

Whether you live in Milan, a frequent visitor to Milan, or just pass by, it's hard to keep up with the pace of this creative city of Milan. From the roadside coffee shop, the street corner pizza stalls, pop up stores anytime, anywhere, Milan's weekly is new, Milan's weekly must be different from last week.


Bond villain chair——Verner Panton

Danish designer Verner Panton designed chairs made famous by James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me 007", and now has been re-enabled. It was unveiled at the Salone del Mobile Furniture Show and is part of the 2019 Milan Design Week.


Gallotti & Radice is the first Italian brand to use glass to create products in the furniture design industry. Located in the centre of Milan's Durini district, the showroom of Gallotti & Radice has been perfectly integrated into this Milanese district with a rich historical atmosphere. The 200-square-meter two-story high-rise space runs through the crystal railing chandeliers.






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