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Usage of the office table

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As long as is the place that need office, basically will install office table, office table type must be also is varied, and according to different use object, the purchase of office table whether material or type is also different, this requests us consumer is buying office table for the type material and associated with certain understanding, let us together to learn about several main office tables and their usages.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Usage of partition office table

Usage of screen staff table

Usage of single staff table

Usage of Conference table

Usage of Training table

Usage of Negotiation table


(1) Usage of partition office table

partition office table is specially designed for call center, after-sales service center, etc., has the effect of sound insulation, can better help employees improve work efficiency.Screen of partition office table is stuck place uses fire prevention board + ground glass + aluminium alloy to design, while preserving independent work and private space, when the need undertakes cooperation with colleague, need a look only.Select high quality material all screen accessories, the use of border aluminum alloy production, high-end generous.The whole partition office table is beautiful and generous, every detail is fine to choose, say goodbye to the rough made, quality assurance.


(2) Usage of screen staff table

Screen staff table is designed for editorial staff, clean and tidy, open office environment is conducive to better communication between colleagues, inspire thinking and stimulate the interest in the job, contemporary and contracted screen staff table, adopt united office partition table design in the form of face to face, choose white mass-tone, collocation of the desktop screen, contracted and the atmosphere.Screen staff table adopt E1 grade environmental protection plate, healthy environmental protection, no peculiar smell, easy to clean, plain color, let the staff just like in the fresh environment of nature.Stable bracket, table frame with high quality stainless steel steel, strong and reliable, black and white optional.


(3) Usage of single staff table

Single staff table with E1 level of melamine, no smell is very environmentally friendly.The panel texture is pockmarked, comfortable and smooth to the touch, and all sides of the panel are rimmed.Baffle is installed in front of the table, with strong privacy.Single staff table adopts professional hardware connection, stable and firm, at the same time convenient to disassemble, the design is beautiful and generous, to create a fashionable and simple style, the large drawer of single staff table interior polished smooth meticulous enough space sense to make your office environment comfortable and tidy.


(4) Usage of Conference table

The main materials of the conference table are solid wood and board type. The conference table is used in the conference room. The size of the conference table is also relatively large, which can be arranged in the shape of U, T and E to facilitate the communication between the conference staff.


(5) Usage of Training table

The main material of training table is plank, there are two kinds of training table with wheel and without wheel, training desk is slender modelling commonly, such design basically is to facilitate the training of all sorts of office place and meeting to use, the main consumer group of training desk is school, enterprise, hospital, hotel groom.


(6) Usage of Negotiation table

The negotiation table is mainly made of plate, glass and metal.The design of negotiation table and modelling kind are more, but very recreational, negotiation table basically is to be used at the exchange between employee, negotiate between employee and outside personnel, because the color of negotiation table is more sweet, let a person put down psychological line, with sincerity go to exchange.

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