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What are the types of office desk frames

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Office desk frames are the most basic part of a whole desk.  Without the support of office desk frames, the desk cannot be formed, which shows the importance of office desk frames.  This article mainly introduces the types of office desk frames.

This article contains the following:

Metals frame

Wood table frame

Aluminum table frame

Stone office desk frame

Cautions for office desk frame purchase


1. Metals frame

Metals frame material is usually made of cold-rolled steel, and a large solid wood plate with metals frame is a popular suit nowadays.  No matter the European and American wind, Japanese wind, rural wind, Chinese wind, industrial wind.  .  .  Bring back the ancient art.  Therefore, metals frame not only adds the appearance level of the board, but also greatly improves the interior decoration level.  


2. Wood table frame

Wood table frame is made of pure solid wood bracket.   Wood table frame is generally made of the same material as the desktop material.   When matched with wood table frame, it is generally made of board with larger width and size.  If the width of the board is large, it needs to bear the load.   The stressed area of the wood table frame is large.  The wood table frame is also made into a cabinet, which is convenient to store things and more atmospheric.  


3. Aluminum table frame

Aluminum table frame is mostly made of iron or alloy, with bright appearance and good durability.  However, it is easy to bump and difficult to repair.


4. Stone office desk frame

There are two types of stone office desk frame: all-stone desk and stone-only desk.  Generally, all-stone office desk frame is suitable for parks, while stone office desk frame is suitable for families or hotels.  


5. Cautions for office desk frame purchase

(1) When you buy an office desk frame, it's very important to touch the feel of the office desk frame, because you just have to try to touch it from a different Angle to get a sense of how comfortable the office desk frame is. After knowing the comfort level of office desk frame, we will decide whether to buy it or not.

(2) Notice the robustness of the office desk frame, the robustness of the office desk frame is also the way to buy the office desk frame, let's look at the overall quality of the office desk frame, you can shake the office desk frame back and forth with your hands, shake it, and firmly prove the quality of the office desk frame.

(3) The other thing to remember is to look at the welds on the office desk frame. If the folding tables and chairs that come with the office desk frame are steel frames, we should also pay attention to the smoothness and non-clearance of the office desk frame welds. The office desk frame coating should look symmetrical and soft. This is a good quality office desk frame.

(4) When selecting office desk frame, you should not blindly select your favorite office desk frame. You have to choose according to the size of the restaurant. If you have enough space to have a separate dining room, you can choose a large round table with a heavy feel to match the office desk frame. The size of the restaurant is limited and the number of people eating is uncertain. If the number of holiday diners is likely to increase, you can choose the most common style on the market, a stretchable office desk frame with a movable board in the middle, usually removed in the middle of the table or when not in use. Don't buy a big, wide dining table for parties that only happen three or four times a year.

(5) You can also choose the appropriate office desk frame based on the style of the dining table.  You should feel the interior decoration. For classic decor, choose a spacious, simple office desk frame to match your desk. In today's natural style trend, if you have a solid wood office desk frame, you can move it to a new home, as long as you put a piece of color and decoration on the office desk frame tablecloth, there is also a kind of elegance there.

I hope this article has helped you understand office desk frame, Office Modular WorkstationOffice Chair and if you need office desk frame, please contact us. 





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