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What is the office desk frame

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It can be awkward to have a nice desk, or not to have a nice office desk frame. The poor match between the desktop and the office desk frame will not only affect the appearance of the entire desk, but also put the whole interior space and interior decoration in a very awkward situation. This article will detail what is the office desk frame.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Ironwork office desk frame

Solid wood table frame

Introduction to the footer of office desk frame

Office desk frame maintenance


1. Ironwork office desk frame

Ironwork office desk frame material is usually made of cold-rolled steel, and a large solid wood plate with ironwork office desk frame is a popular suit nowadays. No matter the European and American wind, Japanese wind, rural wind, Chinese wind, industrial wind. . . Bring back the ancient art. Therefore, ironwork office desk frame not only adds the appearance level of the board, but also greatly improves the interior decoration level.


2. Solid wood table frame

Solid wood table frame is made of pure solid wood bracket.  Solid wood table frame is generally made of the same material as the desktop material.  When matched with solid wood table frame, it is generally made of board with larger width and size. If the width of the board is large, it needs to bear the load.  The stressed area of the solid wood table frame is large. The solid wood table frame is also made into a cabinet, which is convenient to store things and more atmospheric.

Individual feels, ironwork office desk frame suits the indoor table collocation with smaller quite, for instance, domestic desk, desk, tea table, table, recreational desk. Solid wood table frame is suitable for spacious and bright lobby tables, such as: hotel lobby, club lobby, villa lobby, reception room, boss office, etc.


3. Introduction to the footer of office desk frame

Desk corner is an important part of office desk frame.  In the past, people bought a desk with feet that matched office desk frame, which was limited for the whole room. Now that more people are buying split office desk frames, it makes sense to pair them with office desk frames.

The foot of the office desk frame is a general name for the metal foot used at the bottom of the desk, which can ensure the balance and stability of the desktop and can bear a certain weight. At present, the feet of office desk frame are used more and more widely, and its advantages such as low cost, long practical life and space saving will also make it highly praised.

There are several common office desk frames, classified by material: cast iron table feet, stainless steel table feet, cast aluminum table feet, electroplating table feet. Classification by shape: folding table feet, round table feet, square table feet, oval table feet, trumpet table feet.


4. Office desk frame maintenance

(1) Office desk frame should not be placed in the environment with moisture, oil and chemicals for a long time.

(2) Handle the office desk frame gently and touch it carefully.

(3) The surface of the office desk frame can be wiped with a wet towel and then air dried.

  I hope this article has helped you understand office desk frame,Wood Executive Table, Office Table and if you need office desk frame, please contact us. 





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