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Work is not just about making a living, it is also part of life.

How can I make my work full of happiness?
Why do other people's employees love working overtime?
What kind of desk and chair is more ergonomic?
How can the office environment be designed to double the power efficiency?

The times have changed, the science and technology have progressed, and the office environment has been paid more and more attention by people. The office furniture with strong personalization and design has become the choice of the new generation of working groups and the mainstream of the future office environment, pursuing happiness and happiness in the boring work. 

GuangDong HeChange Furniture Co., Ltd.(Original Lifang Hardware) was established in 2005 with a registered capital of RMB 120 million. We are a comprehensive enterprise devoted to the research and development, manufacturing and marketing service as one of the modern in the field of hardware office furniture.

Our all products include Executive table, Conference table, Workstation, Sofa, Chair, Screen partition, File storage cabinet, Furniture hardware table system, Furniture hardware desktop system, Furniture hardware die casting accessories and other series. Our combined 15 years of knowledge and experience in office furniture industry enable us to provided high-end office furniture and comprehensive office furniture solutions for workplace, leisure center, and educational institution at home and aboard for a long time. We has won a good reputation for high quality products, impeccable customer services at home and abroad. 

He-Change has a high-quality design team, a superb production team and a comprehensive market service system. As a well-known office furniture company in China, HE-CHANGE has focused on product original design and adhered to the source of innovative quality. It has owned more than 1,00 granted patents.

In 2019, the company started expansion of a modern production base of more than 100,000 square meters in Zhaoqing High-tech Industrial Zone, Guangdong, China, adopting modern delicacy management and strict quality management.

In 2019, our company optimized the operating modes “manufacturing + platform + service + customer”and offered customized services with the Internet thinking. The new modes strengthened the interaction between manufacturers and customers, also shortened distribution channels. It has created domestic and foreign a three-dimensional all-round supply and marketing + S (service) ecological chain in the office furniture industry.
to grasp the core of office furniture design--the purpose of product design is people rather than products, the products suit you are the best products.
Bauhaus was founded in 1919 by a group of outstanding artists and designers to establish a school for the development of modern design education. In the design theory, three basic ideas were put forward:   ①“a new unity” between art and technology. ② The purpose of design is people rather than products. ③ Design must follow natural and objective rules. These views have played a positive role in the development of industrial design, making modern design gradually move from idealism to realism, that is, to replace artistic self-expression and romanticism with rational and scientific ideas.
GuangDong HeChange Furniture Co., Ltd. is a modern office furniture enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing and sales. Like Knoll, it has always adhered to Bauhaus's design philosophy: to grasp the core of office furniture design--the purpose of product design is people rather than products, the products suit you are the best products.
Practicality---Office furniture design to meet functional requirements, single-function products to achieve a certain aspect of their use needs, multi-functional office furniture can reflect the use of a multi-purpose use in office decoration, practical is the yardstick for measuring functions

Comfort - must meet ergonomic requirements. The size, line, hardness and hardness of the product must be designed according to the target market consumer. Comfort is the yardstick for measuring ergonomics.

Somatosensory---According to the objective laws of nature, the function, taste, health, technology, and quality are integrated into the product design, and higher-level requirements are put forward, so that office workers can get a better office experience through technological innovation.

Simple  tasteful, every detail of the control product is the style of the HeChange products, and we also create a "company platform + channel + communication + customized" The "4C" model, strengthens the interaction dimension with customers, optimizes the product chain, and customizes services to create a "4C+S (service service)" ecological supply chain.
High standard + high requirement = high quality + high score
On the basis of China furniture standard requirements, He-Change has established a complete quality control system with reference to international large-scale enterprises for factory evaluation, product testing, factory inspection and other projects.Establish a sound quality control system, we spare no effort in product quality, and achieve the commitment to consumers.






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