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Milan height-adjustable table

[Milan Lift Desk] Only those who are far-sighted can stand side by side with corporate innovators, and use advanced intelligent technology to accompany them as they climb up and down, relax their tired bodies, help strategize, and accommodate complexity. items to clear the way for pioneering footsteps

Baggio height-adjustable table

The design of [Baqiao Lift Table] is inspired by the bracket design of ancient attics. It can be moved up and down to adjust the height by stretching slightly. The generous outline design reflects the co-living concept of modern reading, and is designed to balance planned development and organic growth, thus nurturing innovation. Design series.

Clyde lift table

[Clyde Lift Table] uses simple geometric elements, and the design of the foot beams and telescopic rods is interspersed with each other, just like a few drops of raindrops on the calm lake surface and the resurgence of the tide, or like the intersecting roads connecting the world in life, you I met on my journey.

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