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bart lift table

[Bart Lift Desk] A desk designed for healthy office work. Migration Height - Adjustable desk allows you to move from sitting to standing height positions all day long. The table frame as a whole looks like modular building blocks stacked and intertwined with each other, like geometric figures in the xyz axis, full of architectural feeling.

Baggio height-adjustable table

The design of [Baqiao Lift Table] is inspired by the bracket design of ancient attics. It can be moved up and down to adjust the height by stretching slightly. The generous outline design reflects the co-living concept of modern reading, and is designed to balance planned development and organic growth, thus nurturing innovation. Design series.

Bonnie lift table

The design of [Bonnie lift table] is inspired by a girl’s lips. The asymmetrical foot beams are matched with the full, round and oval telescopic rods. The combination of straight lines and changing curves outlines elements rich in warm emotions. , the crisis space injects a warm and welcoming feeling.

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