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Cape height-adjustable table

[Kip Lift Table] Unique craftsmanship, no screws exposed, Cape deep spectrum integrated craftsmanship, unique connection method, not a single accessory is visible, interpreting minimalist style, full of modern fashion sense.

Bonnie lift table

The design of [Bonnie lift table] is inspired by a girl’s lips. The asymmetrical foot beams are matched with the full, round and oval telescopic rods. The combination of straight lines and changing curves outlines elements rich in warm emotions. , the crisis space injects a warm and welcoming feeling.

Clyde lift table

[Clyde Lift Table] uses simple geometric elements, and the design of the foot beams and telescopic rods is interspersed with each other, just like a few drops of raindrops on the calm lake surface and the resurgence of the tide, or like the intersecting roads connecting the world in life, you I met on my journey.

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