Beida's shape is inspired by "π", and its unique and concise style, bright colors, strong wiring capabilities, and convenient combination forms have become the choice of the new generation of offices.


【Heron】Make collaboration easy


[Yuda] Use lightness to intimidate your sister. The table corner adopts a slim and straight design, extracting a light and quiet corner, bringing a unique charm


[Yoplait] Designers can choose from a variety of table legs and different paint combinations. The Yoplait table leg design uses a unique bridge-like structure - vertical legs of equal height anchored to either side of a structural beam.


[Water] A tabletop and splayed table legs that stand out from its peers. It is simple and full of beauty. It is worthy of every partner to be proud of and strive for.


【Karen】Pursue nature and comfort


[MIG] is characterized by natural simplicity, simplicity and practicality, with neat overall structure and elegant shape, especially the uniqueness of the table legs, which is eye-catching. Whether it is the color of raw wood or walnut, it can present an elegant atmosphere when placed in the office space.


[Jiggs] The circular cross-section of the table legs reflects the true meaning of life in dealing with things harmoniously. The unique coil embellishments on the table legs add a bit of color and inject more vitality into the space.


[Tibbers] The traditional table leg design with a square cross-section reflects the true meaning of a square body. The coils on the table legs, seemingly simple outlines, add more flexibility to office time.

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