[Mahler] The office desk breaks away from traditional old craftsmanship and adopts a split and color-coded design. The sand black steel pipe and silver feet are paired with a countertop that reveals the natural texture of solid wood, giving the space twice the feeling of having a cup of tea. .


[Paul] is a simple desk. The simple design language is formed by the tangent of straight block surfaces. The external side lines are clear and neat, just like the simple intersection of two straight lines, expressing a simple mechanism of office life.


I am a [Dyson] desk. For viewers who like office matching, I am an irresistible choice from the desk. The unique prismatic recessed aluminum leg design, combined with optional panels, completely gives you a customized workstation office environment.


[Teddy] If you want a simple but not simple table, then [Teddy] desk is suitable for you. I am a straight desk, which is very suitable for your current office environment. It is completed with sand gray, sand white, sand black and wood grain color desktops. Simplicity is not mediocrity, it is low-key and wise.


[Owen] comes with a brush socket, saying goodbye to messy wiring, pursuing simplicity, highlighting quality of life, and getting twice the result with half the effort. The overall color tone is clear and smooth, the lustrous lines are elegant and delicate, and the bearing capacity is strong.


【TOMA】Looking for some simple, perfect study desks? Then look no further. Try [Toma] desk and give yourself the best chance of success. With a tactile feel and extreme durability - pick a size and you sort it.


[Rocky] The combination of simple lines and bright colors, the shape is harmonious but not complicated, the virtual and the real are the same, the light and shadow are immersed, creating a spatial aesthetic rhythm, allowing the senses to be relaxed and relaxed in silence.


[Luther] Your search for ergonomic and modern office desks ends with me. I am [Luther] desk, which meets your requirements for office furniture aesthetics. The flat round table legs and upper and lower joints are interspersed with each other, as if the whole is dancing in the melody, weaving an effect like a dazzling network. The sandy gray sandy white feet and the countertop showing the natural texture of solid wood give the space twice the feeling of having a cup of tea.


【Suge】The desktop with rich connotations and elegantly colored triangular section legs can be used in any office space and will always look fresh and energetic.

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