Sail training table

The beauty of smart and simple space is the movable universal wheel for flexible layout. The foot baffles make the sheltered space neat and orderly.

Senna training table

The beauty of smart and simple space. The movable universal wheel enables flexible layout. The front baffle makes the sheltered space neat and orderly.

Saiyan training table

[Saiya Training Table] uses simple geometric elements, straight square tubes interspersed on the base design, and a natural solid wood texture panel. The special white oak gives the space a special natural design feel. It also has the advantages of a foldable, removable, and splicable training table.

Xinbei training table

[Xinbei Training Table] The unique symmetrical design of classical aesthetics, using the grooves inside the flat tube, the cunning and comfortable posture combined with the simple and elegant appearance, allows users to maintain a sense of relative equality of sight when collaborating and sharing, and can also provide personal focus Provide support for project tasks at hand.

Burke training table

The design of the legs of the [Burke Training Table] is inspired by running people, spreading their legs and rushing forward. Elements such as passion, vitality, and forwardness are all required by our office culture. So we want to extend the elements of youth, vitality and passion into office furniture.

Kaidi training table

[Kaidi Training Table] uses a double-curved flat tube design, which looks like a girl's jade legs. It is well-proportioned, slender, and round, giving people a cunning and comfortable posture. The simple and elegant appearance brings a dual feeling of beauty and comfort. Designed for long-term daily companionship.

Carter training table

[Carter Training Table] Mix and match at will, making the office no longer monotonous. It can be spliced and folded to transform into the main venue for brainstorming at any time. Folding technology, double-layer design, easy to place. Convenient storage, flexible and versatile, suitable for use in various office environments (office, conference, training)

randy training table

[Randy training table] is a highly recognizable set. It abandons all the complicated design details and is composed of a combination of rounded flat tubes. Gray or white aluminum tubes are paired with a countertop that reveals the natural texture of solid wood, giving the space an extra cup of tea. Feeling.

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